About Incite Medical

Incite medical was founded in 2017 by a team of medical devices R&D, engineering and QA professionals, with the aim of providing customers, from start-up to established players, with project-based, customer-taylored medical device development, QA compliance and manufacturing solutions sourcing services.

Incite Medical specializes in percutaneous devices, catheters and delivery platforms, which are core to various medical therapies in electrophysiology, cardiovascular and peripheral angioplasty, as well as diagnostic/sensing applications.


Driven by a core team of professionals with proven track record and experience in the percutaneous devices/cardiovascular field, Incite Medical’s approach relies on fully customer-dedicated, product-focused device engineering.

As importantly, Incite Medical technical solutions are provided under consideration of an assessed manufacturability by a range of known, proven-track record component and OEM suppliers. Knowledge of, and access to an extensive European and US-based network of capable, reliable and cost-competitive manufacturers, and of each one’s particular strengths, is part of Incite Medical’s approach and offering, and contributes to the reduction of project risks. .

This approach allows the end customer to benefit from extensive, proven R&D experience in a highly specialized field for timely project completion, while keeping design ownership and enjoying a profitable leverage in the selection, accompanying and benchmarking of  manufacturing partners.